The historic Cabbage Tree Hotel has serviced the coastal suburb of Fairy Meadow in Wollongong NSW for at least 100 years. The hotel is described by the owners as largely a food and live sports venue. And now it also has a fantastic gaming space thanks to the recent transformation with new modular Capital EGM Bases and Screens and Layout Design by Capital Design Works.

The existing gaming rooms at this and the owners’ other hotel in Bomaderry NSW were small, cramped and lacking in comfort. Owners Brad and Corrina Young wanted a new high performance gaming space in each venue that would be more competitive and have better privacy, flow and comfort. Because of the small size of the room at the Cabbage Tree, it was decided that the gaming machines would be moved into a larger space with the old room being transformed into a new dining area.

 With clear intention, Brad and Corrina approached Capital for an end to end solution. The brief from the owner was to create something that would have a big impact. This included installing premium products and finishes and designing the best possible layout to make a truly comfortable space.


Capital set about designing a layout that would provide more space and privacy for players while still allowing for social play in line with the hotel clientele’s preferences. This included privacy booths around the perimeter, and a single long bank of machines in the centre with integrated glass sneeze-guard separation screens between EGMs to offer a physical barrier which provides additional comfort and safeguards players during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Capital supplied the industry-first Arizona gaming machine bases with LED lighting, Empire Gold footrests and Gold Casino lead edging as well as wireless phone chargers for each machine. Capital’s Ayana Gaming Screens have a 100mm thick frame with an upgraded robust 25mm thick decorative screen finished in metallic gold colour. The LED fantasy lighting integrated into the frame reflects off the panels and generates a premium, high-end ambience.

Brad Young says the new layout is great for patrons. Previously, some of the machines were too close to a door or to foot traffic, which could be uncomfortable for players. This is no longer the case – each machine now has more space and far better privacy. The room also has a great feel and has that ‘wow factor’ Brad was after. The new design has also led to higher volumes of people coming in, as well as more customers coming back rather than moving on – indicating it has hit the mark when it comes to being more competitive!

Capital’s original base and screen designs deliver the quality and workmanship developed over more than 30+ years in the industry – imitation products just won’t deliver the longevity, durability and quality expected. Additionally, Capital’s fully modular solution means that reconfigurations in future will be lightning fast and cost effective. Check out our products on our site:

EGM Bases: https://www.capitaldesignworks.com.au/poker-machine-bases-3/

Screens: https://www.capitaldesignworks.com.au/gaming-screens/


Our Gaming Room Interior and Layout Design capability leverages our team’s extensive experience and we have invested in an in-house dedicated interior designer ready to transform your gaming room into a next level gaming destination.


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