With heightened awareness of the risks of contracting coronavirus in recent weeks, keeping venues as clean as possible has become an imperative. As perception is reality for many, it is important to make that cleaning process as visible as possible.  Placing BTG’s electronic “Connect Button Bathroom Customer Survey” unit on a bathroom wall is a great way of ensuring that visibility. This equipment allows your customers to rate the facilities and any unacceptable rating is sent through the Connect paging service, or directly to a smart phone, to alert managers that the bathrooms need to be prioritised.

A recent study (2017) confirmed the commonly held belief that being proactive about bathroom cleanliness in a hospitality business has a direct bearing on customer’s perception about the venue’s cleanliness in general, and that unclean bathrooms can lead directly to lost business.

In that survey, when asked what types of businesses participants would avoid if they encountered dirty restrooms 79% of respondents put restaurants and hotels at the top of the list.

Additionally, 86% of respondents in a different study equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchens.

The key takeaway is that patrons think poorly of businesses with dirty restrooms because “a messy restroom signifies poor management and shows the business doesn’t care about its appearance or its customers”.

These results not only point to the importance of clean, functional bathrooms, they also underscore the need for ongoing and thorough procedures for employees cleaning and maintaining bathrooms.

BTG offers a solution for clubs and hotels to keep on top of bathroom cleanliness even during the busiest periods, with their Connect Button Restroom Customer Survey system. It is one of BTGs most popular products and used by many of the largest clubs in the country to give their customers an opportunity to rate the facilities. Any unacceptable rating is sent through the Connect paging service to the managers. Messages can also be sent directly to a smart phone to alert managers that the bathrooms require immediate attention.

Even more important currently is that the software can also produce reports showing the overall ratings at different days/times so proactive cleaning rosters can be included for staff. Being seen to be tidying bathrooms during service times reassures members that the club is proactively managing cleaning.

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