Congratulations to Ashleigh Wright from Windsor RSL for completing her Australis Diploma of Leadership and Management in record time. Ashleigh is the Easy Lane Venue manager and has been at the club now for 6 years. Ashleigh started as a receptionist and quickly advanced to management roles. Easy to understand how driven Ashleigh is!

What normally takes 12 months, was completed in a snappy 6 months. The recent lockdowns helped of course, but this wasn’t the main reason why Ashleigh completed her studies so quick. Being able to apply the learnings in her role actually helped her dive in and complete things in a timely manner. The workplace learning environment is a big positive for Ashleigh.

Ashleigh explains she definitely had her favourite subjects being HR, Emotional Intelligence and Effective Workplace Communications to name a few.

The future looks bright for sure when the Industry has these terrific managers at the helm.

Congratulations again Ashleigh… a shining light in the club industry and one I’m sure we will see and hear more about in the future .