Whilst it might sound kind of strange, one of the latest brews sweeping the country is lemonade iced coffee.  It’s a surprisingly delicious way to get your caffeine fix and could be an interesting addition to your café menu.

Apparently, every cafe has its own theory about which beans and mixing methods work best. The result is a variety of interpretations made with largely the same ingredients.  Dutch Smuggler, a coffee specialist in Sydney’s Glebe has the most literal interpretation of the drink and also the sweetest. Lemonade is brewed in-store using organic sugar and fresh lemons, sparkling mineral water is added, and the mixture is poured over coffee.

Other café’s use tonic water as the fizzy base with a dash of fresh lemon or lime.

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One of the big events on the craft beer industry calendar is Tusk Day. It only occurs twice each year when Feral Brewing Co, a family owned Western Australian based independent brewery releases a limited number kegs of its infamous Feral Tusk beer. With an average ABV (alcohol by volume) of between 10.8% and 12.8%. (depending on the batch) it is one of the strongest craft beers in the country.

Feral Brewing only agrees to ship TUSK to venues if they can guarantee it will be transported in a refrigerated truck and will be tapped the instant it arrives, as they believe this style of IPA needs to be fresh to taste its best. In this release, Feral Brewing Co will only be distributing 9 kegs of TUSK across NSW, and Basement Brewhouse, in Bankstown Sports Club, has secured one of them.

UNTAPPD, a mobile web app which allows beer-lovers to connect with each other, describes the beer as offensively bitter, with an aroma of passionfruit and pineapple, with a full-bodied finish that has a hint of biscuity malt.

TUSK Day was April 12 and the Brewhouse poured its first TUSK  11.15am the same day to a dedicated Sporties club member who took the day of work to make sure he didn’t miss out.  The Brewhouse reportedly sold out its allocation within 24 hours.

Since opening in November the Brewhouse has attracted a new, younger crowd to the club, said Emma Duxbury, Bankstown Sports Club Communications Manager. “People are more inclined to settle in for an evening of socialising, rather than eat and move on.  The Basement Brewhouse is a destination in itself.  Our growing reputation amongst the craft beer community is bringing craft beer enthusiasts, while our cheese and charcuterie offerings are great for people to nibble on while chatting.”