The NSW Government has proposed for NSW clubs and pubs to use facial recognition technology to strengthen harm minimisation in the industry.

It probably won’t happen – YET.

However, the proposal is a strong indicator of something we already know – changes are afoot.

So, you will probably be hearing a lot more about facial recognition technology from now on. How do you go about deciding what you should do for you venue?

Well, the very first point to understand is that the quality of results from any facial recognition software will be dependent on the quality of information it uses.

In short, the quality of image in your member database will determine the benefit you get from any facial recognition software.

Rather than splash out on facial recognition software give due consideration to the information sources that will be used by facial recognition. Do not fall into a creating a “garbage in, garbage out” trap for yourself.

Remember the software is not the solution, the system is the solution.

In saying that, operators in the hospitality and gaming industries can gain great benefit from facial recognition software:

  • Strengthen your security,
  • Increase control over access to your property,
  • Enhance customer service at your venue – especially your VIP member programs,
  • Tighten your self-exclusion programs,
  • Reduce unnecessary contact with customers – improve social distancing when necessary.

If you’re interested in facial recognition technology be sure to have a conversation where the focus is:

  • what you want to achieve with facial recognition and
  • how you can best prepare your current systems to ensure your facial recognition software will deliver.

Speak with someone who has expertise in installing and operating all types of security technology and who also has extensive experience in hospitality and gaming.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect partner for that conversation. Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. We will also demonstrate a system for you – the system offers features that are a step ahead of competitors.

Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive and the ideal team to look to when you’re considering technology for your venue.


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