Over the last 10 years there has been a change in the types of games that remain popular in the market. While this has been good for turnover results up until now and with a change in the economic environment, player investment is changing too.

The smaller players are getting burnt on the new style games too quickly and not enjoying their gaming play as much as they used to and are coming to clubs less often. Game variety is a key to combating both the smaller players losing time on device, and hold issues.

Gamers have been forced into a style of play that has changed their habits

IGT has been focusing on different types of games to suit different player types and their strong game performance in the NSW Clubs MAX data is certainly showing that players are looking for that game variety too.

IGT have listened to customers and produced a range of new release games that increases the math variety for players.

Fortune Rising and Treasure Rising (MAX Performance: Fortune Rising 1.69 Site ratio )

Following on from the success of Cleopatra Rising, IGT has released Fortune Rising (MAX Site ratio – 1.71) with Treasure Rising to be released in the next week. Both games build on the success of Cleopatra Rising, but with the addition of a $1 bet option for regular players. These games have old school maths volatility and dynamic bonuses and are made for the mid-top tier players so will work best in the middle to back of the gaming floor and outdoor areas where these players feel more comfortable.

Scarab (MAX Performance: 2.89 Site ratio)

At the other end of the gamer spectrum is Scarab made for the smaller regular players to have some fun with and spend time on the game. This game plays like it’s in feature mode all the time with the Scarab symbols a player collects becoming WILDS every five games. It has no SAP which means it can easily be added under an in-house link without sacrificing net. It would work effectively near the entrance to the gaming floor where the smaller regular players like to play.

Fortune Coin & Fortune Charm (MAX Performance: 1.50 and 1.45 Site ratio)

Fortune Coin and Fortune Charm have a low, fast hitting $500-$1000 top jackpot with 3 additional bet dependent bonuses. With all royals removed during the feature and an opporuntinty to match three symbols for a multiplier boost this game has lots of general appeal. Like Scarab, adding an in-house link over these games will also support the objective of attracting and retaining the player who has reduced visits or left the venue because it has become too expensive.

MS Legends (MAX Performance: 1.28 Site ratio)

MS Legends is a unique 6 game multigame pack, with three pairs of games that have been joined by a common jackpot. It suits jackpots hunters who can move between the twinned games as they win each jackpot. This game will suit a wide range of players and can be placed in the centre and back of the gaming floor and in both the smoking/non-smoking areas.

Bubble Blast

The most popoular IGT games for over 9 months are the Bubble Blast games available as both Link and SAP. A new game, Spells and Whistles and another following soon, Shen Long Dragon King adds an opportunity to increase the game range or link with additional machines.

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