This coming September Gerard McMillan bids farewell to his club and the industry he has worked tirelessly for.

With an amazing portfolio of service Gerard hands over the reins to Michael Titow.

Gerard has worked for 43 years as secretary/general manager in two different clubs – 41 of those years at the Diggers! He is proud to leave the club in a strong financial position with a solid membership, loyal and staff and excellent facilities.

Over those years Gerard held various positions at regional, State, and national levels within the club industry.

Outside the club industry, he held a number of positions in many organizations including Rotary as District Governor, National President of Catholic Cursillo Movement, manager of representative rugby union teams from under 12’s to under 21’s, captain of Hamilton Amateur Athletic Club to name a few.

Gerard’s aim is to write a book, as well as travel and spend time with my grandchildren.

The CMAA wishes Gerard a safe and fulfilling retirement and of course would welcome Gerard to any zone events to keep in touch with his industry colleagues and the CMAA.