Last orders for IGT 2019…… get delivery in before Christmas!

The new games continue to roll into the market for IGT with some strong performance results.  Even though we are getting close to Christmas, IGT have factory shutdowns that will mean you only have a week or two left to place orders and get a pre-Christmas delivery.

A lot of venues have more than 25% of their floor dedicated to hold and spin style games with many up around 40%. While the performance is there to reinforce purchasing this type of game, to the regular customers, these are all the same game, with essentially the same feature.

Once you have your full complement of the dominant games there is one really important consideration currently when purchasing:

To interest a wide variety of gamers, you need a wide variety of interesting games. 

Gaming is just like any other market. To meet the full range of demographic groups by age, or tier, or sex, or whatever other metric you like using in clubs and hotels… you need more than one product to sell.  In our case, this is poker machine games.

We all try and offer a few different food styles or restaurant options where possible, and a few different bars (lounge bars, sports bars or diners) so it makes the same business sense to offer as many game types as we can and segregate them, just like we do in other areas of the business, into spaces that suit the players that like certain types of games.

With so many great game choices there are plenty of IGT game options that will add to the variety of games on your floor. Here are a couple of games that will add some fun back to the playing experience for many regulars.

Fortune Rising and Treasure Risng (MAX Performance: Fortune Rising 1.56 and Treasure Rising 2.17)

Following on from the success of Cleopatra Rising, IGT has released Fortune Rising and Treasure Rising.  Both games have with a $1 bet option,  old school maths volatility and dynamic bonuses.  They are made for the mid-top tier players so will work best in the middle to back of the gaming floor and outdoor areas.

Scarab (MAX Performance: 1.63 Site ratio)

Scarab made for the smaller regular players to have some fun with and spend time on the game. This game plays like its in feature mode all the time with the Scarab symbols a player collects becoming WILDS every five games. It has no SAP with all the game percentage in the base game. It would work effectively near the entrance to the gaming floor where the lower-mid tier, regular players like to play.

Fortune Coin & Fortune Charm (MAX Performance: 1.84 and 1.74 Site ratio)

Fortune Coin and Fortune Charm have a low, fast hitting $500-$1000 top jackpot with 3 additional bet dependent bonuses. With all royals removed during the feature and an opporuntinty to match three symbols for a multiplier boost this game has lots of general appeal for the lower-mid tier, regular players.

MS Legends (MAX Performance: 1.32 Site ratio)

MS Legends is a unique 6 game multigame pack, with three pairs of games that have been joinded by a common jackpot. It suits jackpots hunters who can move between the twinned games as they win each jackpot. This game will suit a wide range of players (low, mid and high tiers) and can be placed in the centre and back of the gaming floor and in both the smoking/non-smoking areas.

Bubble Blast (MAX Performance: New game Spells & Wishes 27” SAP 1.04,  and  Spells & Wishes LP Curve 1.22) 

The most popoular IGT games for over 10 months are the Bubble Blast games available as both Link and SAP. A new game, Spells and Whistles and another following soon,  Shen Long Dragon King,  adds an opportunity to increase the game range or link with additional machines.

IGT is offering an additional large discount if you trade in IGT Crystal 23”, Neo and Blue Chip machines when purchasing Crystal Dual 27” or Crystal Curve machines before the end of December.