The first month after reopening has given us a fresh look at what is changing on our gaming floors. With regular gamers heading back into our venues, and no bingo, promotions or raffles currently underway leading to a resumption of trade from the smaller day players, some game preference changes are becoming clear… at least for now. The removal of half the machines from NSW Clubs has led to an increase in the average daily turnover of the games which is positive for players.

With interest in the performance of the new games they have released this month, IGT has prepared some ranking reports sourced from MAX data (1-27 June) that they can share with customers below.

When it is appropriate for numbers of people in venues to increase, and promotions restart,  there will naturally be an adjustment to game performance again with small day players returning, but for now there are a few new shifts we can see in gaming, and some tried and true formulas that still work:

  • As clubs are slowly returning to operation 69% of machines have been switched back on so far (based on MAX data). For Links 77% are back in operation, MTGMs 72% are operational, with 69% of SAPs and only 62% of Standalone games currently running. The biggest reduction in numbers is in SAPs and standalone games where older product has been removed from gaming floors leaving only the best available games
  • The average MAX Denom turnover ratio of the Top 15 LINK games in March when we shutdown was 1.78. In June it has dropped to 1.35. This metric compares the average game performance to the average daily turnover for that game in a venue. Before the lockdown the top link games were 78% above the floor average in most clubs. Now it is 35% above average. We know many of the current gamers are higher tier players and this decline suggests that the smaller day players are the main driver of link product (which won’t be news to anyone). This will adjust again when the regular players start to return to venues.
  • The average MAX denom turnover ratio of the Top 30 SAP and standalone games in March was 1.23 and now in June it is 1.19. Unlike Link games, SAP game performance relative to the floor average remains unchanged. This suggests that a) performance is largely driven by higher tier players, and b) removing large numbers of older and poor performing SAPs has had no negative effect on performance (Over 9000 SAP machines have been removed from MAX data compared to only 2000 LINKs)

  • With the decrease in overall numbers, all types of games have naturally increased their average daily turnover and net. Comparing March Vs June LINKs have increased from $229 to $415 (average daily Net), and SAPs have increased from $114 to $229. Based on total net (multiplying the ADN x EGM Counts) links have increased their total net by 25% and SAPs by 23% – based on MAX data
  • 9 new games have already entered the market in June. All are SAP games and 66% are above the floor average already. Even now, when clubs have been shutdown for 3 months, players have still spotted and played the new games on offer. Perhaps they have been playing their favourites on social gaming apps during the break and are looking for fresh game options?

For more information on IGT’s Fireball Money Beans Express, or Mighty Strike Immortal Shogun and Might Strike Black Knight, contact your IGT Territory Manager