Dear CMAA Member,


Understandably you would be experiencing enormous pressure and stress trying to save your venue from closing, ensuring you and your team’s employment as well as trying to serve your community in this turbulent time.

The safety and well-being of our members and their staff are our priority and as such, in conjunction with our Partner The Black Dog Institute (BDI) we advise the following:

Mental Health & Wellbeing

It is important to stay as physically and mentally healthy as we can. Please consider your own health as well as the health of those around during this time.

If your club offers EAP services, please promote it actively to your staff, providing detailed information about how to make bookings, and what services are provided.

We strongly encourage you to use Manager Support through your EAP provider to receive coaching on how best to support your teams AND YOURSELF.

BDI have a range of digital mental health programs as well to support your wellbeing.

MyCompass is an online self-guided program on overall mental health and wellbeing. It explores techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and allows the user to obtain best practice mental health support at their own pace within their own home.

Employees can create their own, private account and track their mental health over the coming months.

Please check out MyCompass here:

HeadGear is a free app with bite sized activities that explore two main therapy strategies: behavioural activation therapy and mindfulness. These therapies have been shown to be effective in the treatment and prevention of common mental health issues.

You can find HeadGear in your app store. Further details here:

The BDI’s own online clinic can provide you with a quick and free personal assessment including evidence based tools and suggestions. This information is held in the Clinical Resources section of the website.

The BDI is developing resources in response to COVID-19 including how to manage anxiety, tips for working from home, and how managers can support their teams during physical isolation.

We will distribute this information and resources as they become available.

CMAA CARE 1300 464 262

CMAA has a confidential counselling service on the telephone number above if you are feeling like you need to talk with someone confidentially about your challenges.

Further you can ring Ralph Kober CEO, Allan Peter Federal Secretary and Peter Cooper Senior Industrial Advocate on 02 97464199 for support.

We genuinely wish you well during this time and hope this information assists you in dealing with your challenges



Ralph Kober