1. Pirate Life’s next brewery will be inside the Adelaide Casino

SkyCity Adelaide has announced Pirate Life will operate a microbrewery within the Adelaide Casino’s $330m casino redevelopment, with the brewery scheduled to go live this October.

“During the recent closure of the Adelaide Casino, construction projects were able to continue on the expansion and hotel site, as well as within our beautiful heritage building, where The District at SkyCity will come to life on Level 1 later this year.” SkyCity Adelaide general manager David Christian says.

Pirate Life will have a 500-litre brewery kit at the casino – a tiny operation compared to the 5,000-litre brewery the beer brand built in Port Adelaide last year – and the brewery’s home within the redevelopment, called The District, will have 24 beer taps in total.

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2. Australia’s Tabcorp has a long road to recovery ahead

Australian lottery and gambling operator Tabcorp is finalizing the tally of its performance over the last fiscal year, which just wrapped up on June 30, and doesn’t anticipate being able to give good news. As has been the case with the entire gaming industry around the world, Tabcorp has taken a major hit (in pdf) because of the coronavirus that has led to a decline in activity over the past several months. News that certain parts of Australia have now seen major spikes in the coronavirus aren’t going to help matters, and the new fiscal year will bring even greater challenges that will impede the company’s recovery.

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3. The Irish government delays the reopening of pubs – uses Australia as excuse

Bars and pubs had originally been set to reopen on August 10, following a previous delay to the date initially set for when they would return.  However, the government has since moved to delay that key next step in the gradual reopening of the Irish economy.

Last night, they released the evidence used to inform the decision as a direct response to calls from publicans calling to see evidence of a link between pubs reopening and a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The advice cited examples of cases in comparative countries like Spain, Australia, the United States, Canada and Korea where clusters of cases emerged in bars.

“If you Google ‘Covid… Pubs’ you’ll see this and what could easily happen. It’s happened all over the world: Aberdeen, various states in America, Sydney…”

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