Mullumbimby is an Australian town in the Byron Shire in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, at the heart of Mullumbimby, is the local Ex-Services Club.

The club is a gathering point for many communities, creating a meeting place where members of the community can connect and pursue their interests together such as sporting, community projects, business, national works, religious topics, RSL and ex-services.

The Ex-Services Club also plays a vital role in sustaining local community activities by providing significant support to local schools and playgroups, returned soldiers, war widow support groups, local hospitals, nursing homes, surf lifesaving clubs, seniors, local neighbourhood centres, emergency services, as well as charities of all types and sizes across NSW.

The venue has recently been rejuvenated with a brand-new gaming room. The existing gaming room was tired and required a refresh both aesthetically, and a new layout and flow configuration.

Leveraging the architect’s vision for the space and specified finishes. The goal was to create a light and airy space yet maintaining privacy for gamers to play comfortably.

After a competitive tender process, Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club selected Industric Gaming Solutions to design and build their gaming room. “Industric stood out both in terms of service and price” said Andrew Spice General Manager at Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club.

Industric worked closely with Andrew to design the bases and the screen elements and advised on the layout of the machines and screens. Industric created multiple layouts for the team at Mullumbimby to choose from and working with them to explore solutions through consultation sessions. Industric developed a clean aesthetic and logical floor plan that is easy to navigate that allows for maximum gamer comfort, which was key to this type of design.

Once the layout was confirmed, Industric began production of 59 custom made poker machine bases, and 11 custom made screens and custom elements to tie the whole space together. The colour pallet blended perfectly with the venue finishes to create a relaxed rustic design, complementing a modern and chic edge.


Precision was fundamental, as the installation site was 800kms from the Industric factory. There was no room for error and nowhere to hide if there were issues. The job was delivered seamlessly with minimal downtime and a tremendous finished result. High-quality materials, exceptional design and expert craftsmanship were combined to create a memorable outcome for the team at Mullumbimby”, Stan Kruss CEO at Industric Gaming Solutions commented. 


All over this was a fun project for the team as we have installation teams in every state, however, this was the first time our NSW and QLD team had the opportunity to work on a project together” mentioned Stan.


The Industric installation crew have been nothing short of amazing, very accommodating and adapted to the changes we needed to make on the run. As a first time customer, we have had the best experience from start to finish and would have no hesitations recommending Industric to our fellow clubs and pubs looking for gaming room or hospitality fit-outs” said Andrew.

“I believe the renovation has certainly helped sustain our growth, especially the outdoor area which is now more comfortable. Outdoor gaming was a substandard offering before, now we have a modern comfortable space and the outdoor area is being used more, with better performance from machines in this area compared to pre-renovation. The gaming patrons love the changes, the additional spacing between machines and the overall feel of the room.  Even though we have only increased the area by a very small amount, the changes make the room feel much larger” said Andrew.



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