The world has changed. For many of our regular members and visitors, particularly in older groups who aren’t ready to venture back out into the world, keeping in contact with them is important for clubs as community-focused venues. Even if they come to your club, with social distancing and the need to remain seated, the traditional raffle ticket purchase queue is no longer safe. Backed up by almost 50 years of industry experience, and a strong knowledge of what members enjoy, BSG has crafted an online and portable raffle system: a solution that means your fundraising and members raffles can continue even under COVID restrictions.

The online raffle ticketing software solution issues sequentially numbered tickets and emails a digital copy to your customers. All your customer needs is a valid email address. Media research company confirmed that over 21.74 million people in Australia use the internet and email which covers most of your members irrespective of age, and makes it easily accessible for club customers. The online option uses your existing video raffle system to draw the winners so there is no need for additional hardware.

For members who do wish to attend the club, BSG has a portable ticket machine so staff can move from table-to-table selling tickets. A proactive approach to raffle ticket sales by going to tables to sell tickets has always produced the best sales results. The added social interaction that this brings is a much needed engagement experience for staff and members and ensures clubs remain a central community and entertainment hub.  The added advantage that this method brings now, is that it eliminates the need for staff to monitor social distance obligations with the elimination of the ticket purchase queue.

For sporting bodies and social groups attached to the club the raffles are a vital fundraising tool that can operate once again with BSG equipment for customers at the club, or at home. For the club giving players a choice of remaining COVID Safe and seated at the venue, or just reconnecting with customers choosing to remain at home, is a great opportunity and maintains that vital sense of community when it is most needed.

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