Sobah Beverages is an Aboriginal owned and run company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They produce non-alcoholic craft beers, that are infused with native Australian bush tucker flavours for a unique taste. The beers are chemical and preservative free, with low sugar content (less than a ¼ of the sugar of can of soft drink) and are perfect for health-conscious people looking for a great adult social drink.

The original flavours were designed, produced, and brewed by Gamilaroi man and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation psychologist Clinton Schultz and wife Lozen, in December 2017. Even the name and design on the can displays a connection with Schultz’s roots as a Gamilaroi person of north-eastern NSW, and acknowledges the land where he, Lozen and their family currently reside: the Yugambeh country of Gold Coast, Queensland.

The company’s aim is to raise cultural awareness and promote Aboriginal arts, language, and history so the cans display vibrant artwork by Gamilaroi artist Jason Passfield whose art is ‘Maliyan Dreaming’ depicting the wedgetail eagle and its songlines. The Gamilaroi words ‘Badha Gali’ adorn the can design and mean ‘bitter drink.’

Their current range includes the popular brews: Lemon Aspen Pilsner, Finger Lime Cerveza, Pepperberry IPA, and a Davidson Plum (Gluten Free) Ale.  The December 2020 special release brews Wattle Seed Gold, and Boab & Wild Ginger Lager round out their range of flavour choices.

After quitting alcohol Schultz, who admits he likes the taste of beer generally, was annoyed with the lack of non-alcoholic ‘adult’ drinks on the market, particularly for when socialising at BBQs and other events where beer is commonly drunk. He began with a home brewing kit and was able to brew a product that is essentially ‘beer without the alcohol.’

Sobah beer is leading a conversation surrounding Australian societal issues with alcohol consumption and breaking down the stigma of socialising sober. Designated drivers finally have something fresh, clean and “grown-up” to drink, while health-conscious millennials and people watching their sugar intake, will appreciate the low-sugar, preservative and chemical free brews.

We think every Aussie will love a brew that supports Aboriginal history and storylines.

There are many stockists around Australia now if you are looking to test out something fresh for your customers: WATERHOLES & TRADERS – Sobah Non-Alcoholic Beverages