In what is a growing Sydney trend, clubs are upping their game, both food and design-wise. The Northern Beaches crowd are currently enjoying the $200 million makeover of the Harbord Diggers Club; Nu Bambu has been setting the inner west “on fire” at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL; Wests Ashfield Leagues Club has The Garden and District 8 is making waves at Cabra-Vale Diggers Club.

Now there is a new kid on the block. After a master makeover, the former Lane Cove Club is almost unrecognisable and now operated under The Alcott name. The new venue, operated by North Sydney Leagues Club focuses on F&B operations and serves up a modern Mediterranean-inspired menu, complete with a spritz bar and a sunlit terrace.

Pony Design Co. is behind the fit-out. They were also responsible for The Fernery Mosman, Acre in Camperdown and The Greens North Sydney.

Looking after the restaurant is former Sake and Est chef Richard Slarp, who is well known for his seafood, and The Alcott menu won’t disappoint. But there’s also plenty for meat lovers with a crispy, deboned chicken, twice-cooked lamb ribs, and a smoky chargrilled eggplant on the menu.

However, the chargrilled calamari is a showstopper. “The whole thing is up to 40-centimetres long,” Slarp says. “I marinate it, grill it whole then slice it up.”

“I just want to bring it back to good cooking,” he says. “I don’t want bells and whistles. I just want a good piece of fish on the plate, well cooked. It’s about getting the best ingredients possible, treating them well, and doing them justice.”

The Alcott
1 Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove
(02) 9428 5155

Sources: Broadsheet