In an effort to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison forced an immediate and unexpected closure of the hospitality sector in March, the result having a shattering impact on the entire Club industry, the likes that many would have never envisaged could happen.

The ensuing three months was very difficult for CMAA members as CEO’s and Club Managers were confronted with significant business decisions and issues from their own staff, Board and Club members, whilst all the time facing an ongoing and confronting number of challenges relating to their own employment. Even when the Club industry could open their doors from July, albeit under restrictions, these personal challenges did not and have not ceased for our members.

Throughout this time, the CMAA Industrial Relations team has not stopped, they have continued to field calls, meet or conduct video conferences with members to assist, guide, coach, and advocate for those in need.

Particularly, in the three months of closure, our IR team continued supporting members at a capacity that exceeded the level of support members sought in the collective three years prior!

Like others navigating the continually moving industrial landscape, which often transformed on a daily basis, during this term the IR team addressed a range of matters for our members relating, but not limited to, the following:

  • Job Keeper subsidy
  • Job Seeker program
  • Centrelink support, thresholds, and benefits
  • Non-qualifying managers for job keeper and alternative options
  • Reduced wages and hours
  • Temporary agreement adjustments
  • Long Service Leave accruals
  • General entitlement accruals
  • Stand Down – whilst working
  • Stand Down – with expectation to work
  • Enabling Directions
  • Use of Annual Leave and LSL in conjunction with Job Keeper subsidy
  • Board conflict, resolution guidance, and compliance advice
  • Job classification issues
  • Restructures
  • Redundancies
  • Unfair Dismissals & Conciliation

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the need for the IR team to step in and represent managers nationally in the Fair Work Commission through formal submissions and representations to protect member’s conditions and entitlements. The threat to manager’s conditions and entitlements is just as real as the pre-Covid times with opposing parties directly making submissions to the Fair Work Commission to remove and or alter, to the detriment of managers, their long-standing conditions.

As we continue to forge ahead, be assured the CMAA IR team will continue to represent and fight on behalf of Club managers in the Commission.

Naturally our members are apprehensive and somewhat uncertain of what the future looks like as we continue to work through the pandemic period. The CMAA has a dedicated counselling service if you are feeling like you need to talk with someone confidentially about your challenges at CMAA CARE 1300 464 262.

The CMAA IR Team continues to operate in both in person and remote capacities to help each member to continue to navigate through these challenging times. Please remember that you can reach out to any member of the CMAA IR team if you need help and as always, we can be contacted anytime via:

Allan Peter
Federal Secretary
M: 0410 140 036
Peter Cooper
Senior Industrial Advocate
M: 0407 404 118
Peta Imber
Industrial Relations Advisor
M: 0404 880 324

The CMAA is YOUR organisation here to help members through these difficult times. Please contact the CMAA anytime should you need assistance, guidance, or support.