In their new GO! For Grand games, IGT have boosted a ‘hold and spin’ style game that can be unlocked to expand to four levels of playable screens:  all the way up their CrystalCurve-i screen.  In the new games, GO! for Grand – Power Charms and GO! for Grand – Golden Sombreros, the players just need to collect 4 ‘GO!’ symbols on the screen to boost an extra play window and the opportunity to gain 3 further play screens.

This game is the first hold and spin style game made available for IGT’s CrystalCurve-i machine and provides gaming managers with a high priority new machine purchase option for clubs without the highly visual CrystalCurve-i machine, and great game update option for that Curve product already on your gaming floor.

These new games are all about a high game feature frequency and high volatility offering gamers a great deal of interest and excitement on their way to a win.

 Game Profiles: A player triggers the GO! for Grand feature with 6 gold coins, containing credit values, the Major SAP jackpot, and the bonuses. As with all popular hold and spin games the players gain 3 respins and each time a gold coin lands the respin count resets.

The point of difference in the GO! for Grand games is that there is also a ‘GO!’ symbol available on the gold coins, and once a player achieves 4 ‘GO!’ symbols in a screen, they unlock the window above and are paid all the prizes already accumulated. Players very quickly focus on gaining 4 ‘GO!’ symbols to gain access to extra levels, building excitement, anticipation and better chances for big wins.

You can see how effective this is for player excitement here>>>

Denomination: Both GO! for Grand – Power Charms and GO! for Grand – Golden Sombreros are multi-denomination games with 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, and $1 in all states except NSW where the addition of a $2 option is available for bigger punters.  The game is a 50-line game on the lower denominations allowing a minimum 50c bet, and up to a 5-line bet on the $1/ $2 denomination end with a $5/$10 maxbet for bigger punters.

 Player Fit and Positioning: Both GO! for Grand – Power Charms and GO! for Grand – Golden Sombreros offer comfortable art themes for a wide range of players with a southern American theme in Golden Sombreros, and a Celtic theme for Power Charms.

 These games are both high volatility games which will appeal to the more sophisticated gamer, however, the very high game feature hit rate will allow the smaller gamer playing for time to stay in the game longer with regular feature wins.

As a result of the combination of high volatility and high feature frequency, these games will allow gaming managers to use them in several areas on the gaming floor including high traffic mid floor areas indoors, and in any position in an outdoor gaming room.

 SAP Profile: For NSW these games are dual level SAPs with a $1000 Major jackpot cap and a $9000 Grand Jackpot cap. QLD will have slightly different choices with the Major capping at $888 and the Grand capping at $5,000, $9000 or $9100 depending on the start-up. The games also have additional Maxi, Minor and Mini bonus levels. The Minor and Mini bonus levels are scalable based on a player’s bet, so they provide a more tailored experience for the bigger players. However, the $1000 Maxi Bonus remains the same for all players regardless of their betting profile which will appeal to jackpot shoppers of all levels.

Operational Purchase Considerations: The GO! for Grand range of games are available for the single screen CrystalCurve-i product line. As this may be a new machine purchase for many clubs it is beneficial to negotiate game updates for the existing dual screen CrystalDual-i 27 machines already on your gaming floor at the same time as you purchase for the most advantageous financial deal.

IGT’s strongest long-term performer and no risk game update, for the CrystalDual-i 27 machine are the Fireball games. These games have been in the NSW market since February 2020, (14 months) and are all still performing well above the NSW state average for SAP games. Importantly, the number of clubs that have these games installed and the number of machines in the market confirm that these performance results are widespread.


The MAX data below details Fireball game performance results for NSW Clubs for March 2021:


Performance: IGT are preparing to release both GO! for Gold games to the NSW and QLD market in May. The popular hold and spin component, that can be unlocked and extended to 4 screens during feature play, should fit well with a wide range of higher tier players and feature chasers, and signals strong performance expectations.


To be the first in your area with these new games contact your IGT Territory Manager