When your leading games in the All Aboard range have been at the top of the rankings for two years, you don’t rest on your laurels… you go charging ahead and enhance the best features of the games to ensure the players have even more reason to play. For Konami, the new Bull Rush games, Toucan Twist, Roses & Riches and Golden Empress include a new repeat win feature, two level SAP progressives, a fresh concept X-TRA Hit feature and the all-important addition of a $1 denomination, all loaded on top of the already popular All Aboard math game base. Game performance results for all three new Bull Rush SAP games are very strong and outperforming most other new games in the market, with the Bull Rush Blitz Link released in QLD over the weekend already at the top of the performance charts.

After playing the same old games for months on social gaming apps during the recent shutdown periods, players are reacting very quickly to any new game that hits the market. The clubs that are updating their games now are seeing positive benefits just as the initial gaming honeymoon is just starting to wane. The Konami Bull Rush range of games are an easy transition from the well-known and popular pre-lockdown All Aboard games to new games, built on a winning maths base, with entertaining play boosts to interest the players that fits well with this trend for something different.

Game Features: The first three games in the Bull Rush offer two new exciting free game features along with the popular Bull Rush feature and exciting new X-TRA Hit feature. In all three Bull Rush games, the free game ‘trigger’ symbols on Reel 4 can split into two separate symbols, increasing the chance of awarding free games.

Golden Empress: The free games feature is triggered by 3 Lantern symbols awarding 6 free games. During the free games, any wild symbols that land on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 expand and cover the reel completely.

Toucan Twist: The free games feature is triggered by 3 Egg symbols awarding 5 free games. During the free games, on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, stacks of wilds randomly appear on two or more reels every spin.

Roses & Riches: The free games feature is triggered by 3 Rose symbols awarding 5 free games. During the free games, on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, stacks of wilds randomly appear on two or more reels every spin.

Bull Rush Feature: The Bull Rush feature is common to all three games and is based off Konami’s highly popular All Aboard feature. Six or more ‘Bull’ symbols trigger the feature and reveal a range of credit and bonus prizes which can be won repeatedly during the feature. 3 bonus spins are awarded and every time an additional ‘Bull’ symbol lands on the screen, all prizes on the screen are awarded and another prize is revealed. Once all 15 positions are filled, a Grand Jackpot is awarded.

X-TRA Hit Feature: The X-TRA Hit feature triggers during the Bull Rush feature when 2 or more ‘Bull’ symbols land on a single spin. Every ‘Bull’ symbol will award all bonus prizes and credits on screen and can be paid multiple times over during a single spin. This differentiates Bull Rush from All Aboard where landing only one symbol per spin was optimal, whereas in Bull Rush there is no downside to multiple symbols appearing simultaneously.

Denomination: All Bull Rush games now include a $1 denomination for bigger players. This has proved to be one of the most successful attributes of this style of feature game which allows players an increased bet range. All three games are available as multidenom games including 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and $1 configurations.

Player Market: Konami has cleverly chosen a good mix of art themes to appeal to a wide market of players in these initial three games. Toucan Twist has a tropical theme popular with female players and the high volatility of this game will appeal to the higher tier players in this demographic group particularly when selecting mid-high denominations. Golden Empress with Asian themed art is accessible for male and female player groups from any background who are very comfortable with these lucky symbols. The high volatility game also has wide-ranging appeal. Roses and Riches combines a high volatility maths base with a South American art theme, popular with most player groups.    

Position: All these games fall into the high volatility category which means they can work very well in either indoor or outdoor gaming areas. In an indoor area, a position mid floor, and obviously banked up where possible, will best feature the games as an attraction for players.

SAP Profile: The SAP games are available with a choice of Grand Jackpots startups of $5,125 or $7,125, and a Mega Jackpot $500-$1,000. Three additional bonus prizes, the Maxi, Major and Mini Bonus are dynamic prizes based on denomination.  The Link version, Bull Rush Blitz, has a choice of Grand Link Jackpot of $10,125, $15,125 or $20,125 for Queensland and either a $10,125, or $20,125 for NSW, with a SAP Mega Jackpot for each game of $500-1,000.

Performance: The most important factor in any game purchase in the current market is performance. Based on the success of the All Aboard games over two years, as expected, the new Bull Rush games with their additional features have been quickly accepted by gamers with strong performance results listed in the MAX data.

To see how the game plays, you can find it in the Konami Virtual Exhibition here>>>

Early Game Performance results for Bull Rush Blitz in QLD:

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