Now that we are tentatively opening up our restaurants to the public once more we must make every attempt to reduce the contact between customers and staff where possible to maintain social distancing and limit the opportunity for transmission of coronavirus in our venues. There are restrictions in place that requires all clubs and hotels to ensure that customers can’t wander from table to table or between different areas of the venue. Technology is assisting in this effort. TASK has introduced a fully digital dine-in table service that offers customers contactless ordering from your restaurant menu, using their own device, and facilitates payment.

TASK’s contactless digital dine-in table service system is one area of technological change made possible in response to COVID-19 that has not only made ‘social distancing’ possible but also improved guest service by empowering the customers to control more elements of their visit from the security of their own smartphone. In the current market we must meet the expectations of guests by incorporating their new need for cleanliness, through different technology.

Forming part of TASK’s contactless ordering series, the digital dine-in table service is so simple for customers to use.

  1. The customer scans a QR code at the table from their personal mobile device. This gives them a table number and allows them to access the menu
  2. They order and pay for their meals
  3. Meal is delivered to the table

How simple is that!

Your menu, on your customers device, powered by TASK’s platform – totally contactless.

To see how the digital dine-in table service works, check out this video >>>


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