As venues start to open from the COVID-19 hiatus, the question has been asked if venues are ready to embrace a new regime of disinfecting their shared IT infrastructure.

Touchscreen based technology abounds in gaming venues. Whether they be information kiosks, POS terminals or gaming machines, all are shared among staff and patrons.

The best practice guidelines promoted by Safe Work Australia state that electrical equipment that is shared should be cleaned between each user.

The complexity in the guidelines is that the device must be turned off when fluids are being used as part of the cleaning and disinfecting complex.

While hospitality venues have been closed, the retail industry has had to struggle with this dilemma with operations such as supermarkets employing additional staff to spray and wipe self-checkout touchscreen devices after every use.

“We have seen many inventive ways of cleaning and disinfecting touch-based devices since the COVID-19 outbreak, but many have not met the Safe Work Guidelines. An increase in defective devices has resulted due to fluid damage as well as an increase in costs as a result of manual cleaning processes”, said Phil Wild from leading POS technology manufacturer, AURES technologies.

“As it stands today, many hospitality and gaming venues will struggle to meet best practice guidelines when they reopen and will struggle to sustain an effective cleaning and disinfecting regime due to the cumbersome and costly manual processes”, said Phil.

AURES Technologies POS terminals have been a popular choice among gaming and hospitality venues but with the closure of many of their customers businesses as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the team at AURES searched for a better solution to address the need to disinfect devices. They found UV-Clean, a hands-free disinfecting solution designed for touchscreen devices and handheld technology such as mobile computers, EFTPOS terminals and barcode scanners.

UV-Clean is a standalone, automated, disinfecting solution that requires no manual input and no spraying and wiping.

“UV-Clean uses UV-C light to break down harmful pathogens on devices when not in use. A programmable motion sensor triggers the light when a hand is not on the device. Every time the lamp comes on it is disinfecting the screen.”, said Phil.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed emphasis on reducing the spread of infectious pathogens and the hospitality and gaming industry will not be immune to the need to adapt.

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